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The 7 day tour entitled "From Destruction to Love" was launched on August 10th on the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem, where the All Nations Cafe projects had begun, and went through Jerusalem, Ein Haniya, Dheishe and Gush Etzion, concluding on the full moon of Av in the Judean desert. Read more about it...

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NEW FILM: "DIALOGUES"by Monstro Filmes.
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""We had been to the All Nations Cafe over in Ein Haniya, a charming and historic valley between Bethlehem and Jerusalem...Nothing dramatic happened at the All Nations Cafe, but Ibrahim and I came back glowing.""

- Palden, UK

"We spent an evening with the All Nations Cafe just at the end of our tour.. I was very touched by the group, by the love and friendship and commitment to building peace that I witnessed. I memorized the song: "Bein haHoshech laOr / Bein alAtma waNur / Between Darkness and Light" and have shared this with my dance circle here. It speaks deeply to me."

- Lucy, West Australia

"As I read the program of the caravan and the invitation I felt again why and how much I appreciate what you are doing and the spirit of what you are doing. I can just mention some keywords to describe why I like it: simplicity, down to earth yet open for miracles, heart to heart connections in the center.. creative and inspired...."

- Jutta, Switzerland

"Wow, how this project has grown and developed from its humble but beautiful origins in the cafe on the Mount of Olives. You are truly breaking down walls.."

- Richard, Ireland

"There are meetings between Israelis and Palestinians around the clock. What makes it special here (at the All Nations Cafe in Ein Haniya) is the location, on the border, and the open and natural atmosphere."

- Basem, Palestine

"The glow of the fire shone on the face of everyone there (at the All Nations Cafe). I hate to sound so hokey, but it did put warmth in every one's hearts. There's nothing like sitting around a fire. It's soothing. People bond around a bonfire, don't they? Well, it seemed that even though there was a language barrier as many of the 17 Palestinians there didn't speak either English or Hebrew, they said they were touched by the fact that we (Jews) were there. It gives them hope in a world that seems hopeless."

- Leah, Israel

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