Keep your kitchen air clean with a range hood that fits your unique kitchen style
Café commercial-style vent hoods complement our ranges and cooktops with matching finishes. Use them for ductless range venting or with exterior ventilation systems. Our wall mount range hoods and chimneys create a sleek, modern look above your stove, while hood inserts can be installed in a custom enclosure that is wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted over an island. Café kitchen ventilation makes your cooking space look as good as it smells.

Choose the perfect range hood vent for exceptional kitchen ventilation
The right kitchen range hood can have a significant impact on the functionality and overall motif of your kitchen. Our range hood vents are designed to provide the highest standards of air ventilation to support your day-to-day kitchen range use. Whether you’re cooking for families, hosting dinner parties, or making quick and simple weeknight meals, our cutting-edge ventilation technology removes smoke, grease, odors, and moisture so that you can enjoy a fabulously fresh kitchen aroma every day.
Choose from a wide range of wall mount hoods, designer custom inserts, and commercial style hoods to find the perfect specifications for your kitchen space. From dimmable LED lighting to convertible ventilation options, you can select the specifications and features that suit your needs. We also have range hood vents with remote control capabilities which allow you to adjust fan speed and lighting at the click of a button from anywhere in the kitchen.

Elevate and complement your designer kitchen aesthetic with a bold and beautiful range hood
Once you’ve selected the range hood with your desired specifications, you can tailor the design to complement your overall kitchen aesthetic as well as your existing kitchen appliances. Whether you want a matte white range hood to augment your commercial-style ranges or a stainless steel range hood to match your built-in refrigerator, you can select a matte white, stainless steel or matte black range hood to curate a decadent designer look for your beautiful kitchen.