Create your own kitchen appliance attitude with a customizable Café dishwasher
Our quiet dishwashers feature hidden top controls with an LCD display. To get your dishes extra clean, our advanced wash system delivers with 90 cleaning jets, including Bottle Jets to wash tall and deep items, and silverware jets to remove stuck-on food.
Café built-in dishwashers offer adjustable racks to hold dishware of different sizes and a third rack for flatware and other utensils.
Keep your kitchen beautiful and your dishes extra clean with Café dishwashers.

Dishwashers available in Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Matte White, and Platinum Glass finishes
Is it time to upgrade your dishwasher? Never underestimate the power of a new appliance and how it can reinvent your whole kitchen! Café dishwashers are designed to look as good as they function. Our stylish variety of colors and finishes is here for you to choose from.

Get inspired by our selection of classic and contemporary designs, from classic stainless steel dishwashers to unique and bold matte finishes. Discover dishwasher designs in matte black, matte white, shiny classic stainless steel, and contemporary classic platinum glass.
Our premium dishwashers have a sleek stainless steel interior that keeps your dishwasher looking new. You can choose from different storage options, including dual drawer compartments.

Built-In Dishwashers with beautiful Custom Hardware
Create a seamless kitchen design with a built-in dishwasher that matches the color palette and aesthetic of your kitchen. Coordinated appliances add an air of luxury to any interior, so why not start with your dishwasher? Café dishwashers can be paired with custom accessories like hardware kits, so you can choose a handle that matches the color and finishes of your other appliances!
Choose from our stylish selection of high-quality hardware finishes, including Brushed Stainless, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Black, Brushed Copper, Brushed Brass, and Flat Black.
Upgrade your kitchen today, one appliance at a time, starting with your dishwasher.