Warming Drawers

Our Café warming drawers help you keep meals at their ideal temps until time to serve
You can also use this kitchen warming drawer to heat up dishes with a range of temperature settings from 80 to 210 degrees F and variable humidity controls. Also, choose your perfect setting to change it to a proofing drawer to proof dough for breads and pastries. This oven warming drawer is a tasteful addition to your Café cooking space.

Keep in the heat with a best-in-class warming drawer
At Café, we offer an exclusive range of kitchen appliances that help you host like a pro. When cooking for family or hosting for friends, a warming drawer is one of those appliances that makes a big impact. Serving fresh courses at the ideal temperature while juggling other hosting duties is tough for even the most seasoned host! With our warming drawers, you can keep your freshly made dishes at optimal serving temperature and reheat food without the stress.

A variable temperature setting allows you to control the heat inside of the drawer, allowing you to channel the profissional baker inside of you. Crispy or tender, the variable humidity control helps you achieve the ideal food texture for every dish.

Create your coordinated kitchen of dreams
Let your personality and style shine through the appliances you choose, from the main design to the custom metal hardware.
Discover food warming drawers in a variety of statement colors and tasteful finishes, from bold Matte Black and Matte White to smooth Stainless Steel.

Are you looking for that flawless, bespoke look? Our custom hardware kits offer even more choices, from Brushed Bronze, Black, and Copper to contemporary Flat Black. When shopping for other Café appliances, you can coordinate everything down to the hardware for a seamless result.